Carbon Concepts

My Passion

I’ve worked with my hands for as long as I can remember. From enjoying art at school to studying engineering at college, making things is who I am.

Then there was the cycling.

During my 18 year career as a professional cyclist on road and on track I became a triple Olympic medallist and double World Champion . Way back in 2000 for the Sydney Olympics I converted my bars using carbon fibre technology. This continued throughout my career and developed into a carbon repair business which I run alongside my commentary roles and cycling events.

It’s a passion that’s turned into an obsession and one I am now ready to share with you all.

My story

I’m a triple Olympic medallist and double track world champion.

Nowadays, I’m better known as an analyst and commentator for the World tour cycling events .

Add carbon engineer and jeweller to the list and- professionally- that’s my world.

You can find out more about some of my other activities at, or for public relations enquiries and bookings email

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My Products

I’m proud to launch my range of unique, made to order rings.

Every band is made by me, no ring is the same.

Each bespoke item is painstakingly crafted at my workshop in the heart of the Peak District National Park.

My inspiration is the materials I made my name using- carbon, titanium and lots else besides.

Every piece is inspired by my life, my career and the environment around me- the track I won on, the roads I raced along, the hills that surround me and all those memories of racing around the world.

Simple, beautiful , hand-made stainless steel bands start at £150, carbon fibre and titanium at £180 . Customised, multi-element designs range start at £280, depending on the materials and level of craftsmanship involved and the latest superconductor rings are priced from £450. I also now work with precious metals and offer a range of bespoke and individual wedding ring designs which are popular all over the world! I have started working with non-conformist materials Tantalum which is a rare finite element, non-corrosive with hyper allergenic qualities! I also design and make keyrings, pendants, golf ball markers and unique trophies.

All our packaging is provided by a local UK business, it is eco-friendly, made from recycled products but also fully recyclable.

I put my heart into everything I do, so lead times do vary, but I always get the job done.

If you’re looking for inspiration, follow me on Instagram @robhayles1

Carbon Repairs

My work shop also is where I  repair carbon on bikes which I have been doing for 23 years since 2000 . I repair frames, cycling equipment and wheels. This service includes inspection, checks, repairs and painted finish if required.

For bike repairs please contact with your contact details and a short summary of the work required.

Say Hello

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